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Modifications to the U.S. Mercedes R107 Series from 1972-1989

R107 Production Modifications

Year Model HP  
1972 350SL


195 107 introduced to U.S.

4.5-liter, Iron-block V8 117.982. Bosch electronic fuel injection.

3-speed automatic

Power-assisted steering, air conditioning, hard and soft-tops were standard.

Chassis: 107.044

1973 450SL " Rebadged to 450SL
1974   190 Addition of 5-mph bumper
1975 " 180 Addition of catalytic converters (in engine compartment).
1976 " " 117.985

Addition of cruise control, transistorized ignition, hydraulic valve adjusters

Switch to Bosch Jetronic (CIS) fuel injection. K-Jetronic

1977 " " Catalytic convertors moved downstream. Catalytic converters moved back beneath the floor

Climate-control system introduced (Type 1)

Battery moved to trunk

1980 " 160 3-way catalytic converter introduced, final drive ratio reduced
1981 380SL 155 380SL introduced. Chassis: 107.045

116 3.8 liter  all-alloy V-8 116.960 V8

4-speed automatic.

Electric window lifts are standard.

The hood was made of aluminum and an "economy" dial was added.

1982 " " Type II auto climate control
1983 " " 116.962

Recalibrated engine and transmission for improved performance and fuel economy.

1984 " " Switch from single-row to twin-row timing chain.
1985 " " ABS became standard; driver-side airbag was optional.
1986 560SL 227 Chassis: 107.048

- 5.6-litter, all-alloy V-8 (117.967) and 4-speed transmission into U.S. market.

Limited-slip differential, front air dam, leather upholstery, anti-theft alarm are standard.

new-style 7x15in alloy wheels.

1988 " "  
1989     Last year of 107 production.

R107 Production Enhancements

  • The springs have a different spring rate, front and rear.
  • The front stabilizer bar has a 26mm diameter instead of 25mm diameter.
  • The shock absorbers are shorter and have a harder rate.
  • An additional polyurethane bottoming spring has been added.
  • Some model 124 front end parts are used on the front end - the following parts are redesigned
  • Front axle carrier, lower and upper control arms, Steering knuckle,
  • Steering knuckle arm, front wheel hub with bearing.
  • The front axle carrier has a newly modified contour, can be used on older model 107s.
  • Limited slip differential
  • The rear axle carrier mount has been offset by 124mm to the left.
  • The rear carrier front rubber mounts are not interchangeable, marked with L and R, have different stiffness's.
  • The rear axle center is now elastically mounted to the rear carrier both at the front and rear mounts.
  • The rear axle shafts are provided with CV joints similar to model 126 coupe.
  • New light alloy wheels similar to model 201, new mounting screws.
  • New propeller shaft center mount, similar to model 124, not interchangeable with older 107s.
  • Four piston brake calipers on front.
  • Light alloy Master cylinder.
  • Double diaphragm brake booster.
  • Redesigned steering gear, designation 765.707 (LS80), NOT interchangeable with old unit, reduced travel for redesigned front end. Code letter R stamped into the housing. (The 560's turning circle is not as short as previous cars, less "sensitive" steering.
  • Power steering pump relief pressure changed to 82 +-5 bar.
  • Sheet metal floor under fuel tank changed, mounting positions of tank and filler neck changed.
  • Outside Temperature indicator changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Exterior lamp failure indicator added.
  • Fuses and electrical feeds changed.
  • BODY SHEET METAL CHANGES: Radiator mount changed, hood changed, firewall changed, side-member connecting point front right changed, A-pillars changed, doors changed, B-pillars changed, main floor changed, rear floor changed, cross-member under the driver seat changed, sheet metal shrouds changed, various stiffeners and small parts changed.
  • Door handles changed, similar to model 126.
  • Door lock and striker changed.
  • Central locking system changed, electric vacuum pump similar to models 126 and 201.
  • Fuel tank flap actuating element and guide bushing changed.
  • Outside heated rear view mirrors.
  • Rear high mounted stop lamp added.
  • New Grand Prix radio - larger display indicator with tone setting and more sensitivity - three levels, but returns to least sensitive when turned off.
  • Front bumper and spoiler.
  • Front bumper inner fender liners added.
  • Front seats changed to include lateral
  • Hood- a depression was added to the hood reinforcement to clear new brake booster, previous hood will not fit on car.


Mercedes 107 Roadster