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Giddy-Up   Mercedes Benz Model (107) R107 - C107   Giddy-Up 280/300/350/380/420/450/500/560 SL's & SLC's

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Mercedes Benz 107 Roadster Common Repairs & Guides


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Common Repair's & Upgrade's

Parts Suppliers

Busted: Sub-Frame Recall

Kick the pony: Adding More Horsepower


Engine Mechanical

Cranking: Engine hard to start when warm

Screaming: High Idle Hell

Timing Chain Inspection

Overheating and Thermostat Modification


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Mercedes 107 Parts

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Mercedes 350, 380, 450, 500 SLC Parts

Mercedes (280sl, 280slc, 300sl, 350sl, 350slc, 420sl, 450sl, 450slc, 500sl, 500slc, 560sl, Auto Parts)


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Dash / Gauges / Controls

Dash Top Installation

Dash Gauge Cluster Servicing pdf

Cruising: Cruise Control Problems

Center Console Removal

Odometer Repair

Ignition Switch Repair

Combo Lever Switch Repair

Service Manuals & Literature

Mercedes Benz SL SLC Repair Manuals

350 450 380 560 SL & SLC 1972 - 1989


Hanes Repair Manual MB 350 450 SL SLC 1971-1980



MB Technical Information (StarTek)

Vacuum / Vents / Heat / AC

Climate Control Manuals

Vacuum System Troubleshooting Repair

Temper Temper: Heat and AC System

Heater Motor Blower Rebuild

Motor Blower Rebuild Instructions

Center Vent/Defroster Issues

R107 Heater Box Repair

Door Panel / Window Vacuum Switch Service

The Essential Buyers Guide Mercedes-Benz 280-560 SL & SLC 107 Series 1971-1989. This book gives you a "warts and all" introduction to what Mercedes-Benz 280-560SL or SLC are like to own, drive and maintain, plus a step-by-step buyers guide on how to evaluate any purchase you might be considering. It includes 100 photos of what to look for - and what to avoid - plus a realistic assessment of running and restoration costs, as well as market values. $17.96

Interior / Trim / Components

Sun-Down: Sun-Visor Removal-Replacement

Going-up: Window Switch Repair

Door Panel Removal Wood Trim pdf

Signal / Flasher Problems

Stereo Removal & Replacement

Mercedes-Benz Buyer's Guide Roadsters, Coups, Convertibles This book gives an up-close look at Mercedes-Benz roadsters, convertibles, and two-and four-seat coupes, common replacement parts, quotes, testimonials, rating charts, specification table. $23.36

Transmission Service

Transmission Fluid and Filter Service

Transmission Vacuum Valve


Mercedes-Benz 350 and 450 V8, 1971-1980 Repair Manual Haynes disassembles every subject vehicle and documents every step with thorough instructions and clear photos. Haynes repair manuals are used by the pros, but written for the do-it-yourselfer. $22.46

Exterior Mechanical

Differential Lube Change

Power Steering Service

Voltage Regulator Service

Injection Pump Servicing

Injectors Servicing


Mercedes-Benz SLs & SLCs 1971-1989 Ultimate Portfolio This book has 52 articles drawn from the leading publications covering road and track comparison tests, owners survey, model introductions, buying guide and technical data. Models reported on are: 350SL & SLC, 380SL & SLC, 450SL & SLC, 500SL, 560SL. $34.16

Exterior / Trim / Components

Stickem up: Radio Antenna Problems

Wiper Washer Nozzle Repair

Soft top installation

Squealing: Noisy Brakes

Mercedes Benz Service Manuals Service Manual, Chassis & Body, Series 107

Volumes 1 and 2 for Mercedes 107 Series Chassis and Body Assembly



Cruise Control Problems:

Go to  General Development Laboratories - Home Page

See trouble shooting.

  • 1976-1980 Vacuum Actuator, 10-pin Amplifier System

  • 1981-1993 Motor Actuator, 14-pin Amplifier System

  • and check the actuator and the amplifier. Then see Site Table of Contents for Replacing, Repairing, Rebuilding Amplifiers & Actuators


    Engine Hard to Start when warm

    There are many reasons why the engine would be difficult to start,

    Some 450 SLs suffered from vapor lock and hard re-start because of the position of the catalytic converter.


    Another possibility is the fuel filter and fuel accumulator may be at fault or the pump may be the cause.

    The problem occurs particularly after the engine has been running due to the pressure relief valve located at the back of the pump inside. It is activated by a small spring and a metal cone which in time sticks and does not allow pressure to be relieved.
    As the pump is driven by a permanently excited electric motor the pressure is reduced. After stopping, the fuel accumulator maintains pressure in the system to facilitate starting and with this pressure if the valve is stuck it develops an inner leak.
    If you tap the pump firmly it releases the pressure valve and the engine starts again. When the tapping becomes frequent, it is time to replace the pump.

    Mercedes knows this and they provide a Check Valve which is to be installed by replacing the existing hollow screw on the pipe connection to the pump, effectively providing a secondary pressure relief valve and avoiding having to buy a new pump.
    (Check valve $12.98, cap nut $1.49


    SL Window Switch Repair

    Two 4" screwdrivers
    One small file 6" or smaller
    One brush for cleaning
    One pair of tweezers 6" for replacing springs & balls
    One Q-tip for cleaning
    One 6" strip of emery paper (fine-grit)

    Step 1. Take the switch out of the console by means of a 4" standard screwdriver. This can be done by lifting the switch part of the way up, and out, & unplug the wiring block. Some plug into the side, some into the back of the switch. The block plugs in only one way and switches are not interchangeable. With the switch in hand, take two screwdrivers, 4" type, & pry off the chrome cover. Do this slowly, as it holds the switch together and you want to see how it works for reassembly. (it's pretty simple) Two steel balls, two springs, two brass rockers. What goes wrong, is, the contacts on the switch get corroded and need to be cleaned for current to flow through.

    Step 2. Take a small file, I carry a 6" jewelers file (fine-cut) and a piece of emery paper (fine-grit) to clean the contact points. Reassemble the switch and the window will work.
    Note about the window switch: Do not hold the switch down any longer than to close or open the window. There is no limit switch on these cars. If your window moves slowly, clean the contacts to gain full power.
    Should take about 20 minutes


    Signal / Flasher Problems

    Have your hazards or turn signals been problematic?
    107.044 117.985 V8 450SL CIS fuel inj. years 1976-1980.
    Hazards and turn signals share the same flasher.
    Do your hazards works?
    If not, then this flasher is likely to be the issue.
    The flasher is part of the hazard switch.
    You need to remove the ashtray, the mount for the ashtray, take out the two screws that hold the wood console in place, the shift boot (rubber around gear selector).
    Carefully lift the front of the wood, roughly one half inch, then slide the wood section back and it should be off.
    On the bottom of the hazard switch is the flasher.
    You may be able to fix this by cleaning the corroded contacts inside, 50/50 risk that it repairs or breaks.


    Center Console Removal:

    1. Remove ash tray
    2. Remove 2 screws from rear of ashtray holder
    3. Remove ashtray holder. Pry out right side first and then disconnect electrical connector on left side.
    4. Remove 2 screws from wood console
    5. Remove wood by sliding to rear to disengage dowel.


    Stereo Removal & Replacement

    Pull the faceplate off the radio.
    Remove the ashtray and tray holder. When removing the ashtray frame you have to twist from the passenger side toward the driver side because there is an electrical connection on the driver side. Remove the two screws in the back. Pull the wood fascia (of the AC controls) down and out from the bottom.

    Push down the two tabs sticking up from the space where the wood fascia was and the radio unit slides out.
    (remove the face plate from the radio and there are 2 locking bars holding it in place ,1 each side, straight screwdriver)
    Go to Find Car Audio/Video Gear that Fits Your Vehicle at Crutchfield! and buy this wiring harness (again this is for my 560). Wire everything up and away you go.


    I just pulled the 2 knobs off, and what I'm calling the 'faceplate' is actually a thin mylar type printed plastic insert . I just popped it off with a pen knife, and that exposed the 2 'locking bars' that were secured by the screws


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