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Mercedes Benz Series 107 Climate Control Service Heating and Air Conditioning System Repair Manuals

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350SL | 450SL | 450SLC | 380SL | 380SLC | 560SL

Mercedes Benz Series 107 (1972 - 1989) W107 - R107 - Roadster's and C107 - Rally Coupe's

These are Complete Comprehensive Mercedes Benz Climate Control Service and Repair Manuals, the Same Manuals Used By Mercedes Benz Mechanics...

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450SL 450SLC 380SL 380SLC 560SL Climate Control
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380SL 380SLC

Climate Control Manual

450SL 450SLC

Climate Control Manual


Climate Control Service Manual

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Mercedes Benz 380SL 107 Climate Control Manual on CD Mercedes Benz 450SL 107 Climate Control Manual on CD Mercedes Benz 560SL 107 Climate Control Manual on CD
380 SL SLC 450 SL SLC 560 SL
Mercedes 380SL Heat AC Climate Control Manual Mercedes 450SL Heat AC Climate Control Manual Mercedes 560SL Heat AC Climate Control Manual
Mercedes 380SLC Heat AC Climate Control Manual Mercedes 450SLC Heat AC Climate Control Manual  

Climate Control Service Manuals Include:

Includes Pictures and Diagrams    

Mercedes Benz 107 R107 C107 Heating Air Conditioning ManualMercedes Benz 107 R107 C107 Heat AC Climate Control Manual350 - 450SL, 450SLC, 380SL, 380SLC, 560SL

Note: 450SL was badged as a 350SL the first year introduced in the U.S. 1972

Manual comes complete with pictures and diagrams describing full functions and troubleshooting.

bullet Climate Control Manuals Include:

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Automatic Climate ControlMercedes 107 Climate Control II 450

450 SL (1972-1980)
450 SLC (1973-1980)
380 SL (1981-1985)
380 SLC (1981)
560 SL (1986-1989)

This Manual is the same information used by Mercedes Benz Mechanics.

Mercedes 107 Climate Control III 380 560By using the same step by step manuals as the dealers use, you can be assured that all the information you need to do the job right is included.

bullet General Technical Data
bullet Service manual Instructions
bullet Vehicle Model and Climate Control System Identification
bullet Heating / Ventilation and Air Conditioning
bullet System Control
bullet Heat Box, Motor, and Exchanger Removal / Installation
bullet Climate System Vacuum Analysis
bullet Air Condition System Operation, Testing, and Repair
bullet AC System Cleaning, Lubricating, Recharging
bullet Air Conditioner Compressor Servicing
bullet AC Condenser and Dehydrator Service
bullet Temperature Switch, Expansion Valve, Evaporator Service
bullet Servicing Vacuum Elements and Auxiliary Fan
bullet Automatic Climate Control II
bullet Automatic Control Operation
bullet Testing System Functions
bullet Vacuum Function Diagrams
bullet AC Electrical System Wiring Diagrams
bullet System Regulating, Temperature, and Vacuum Testing
bullet Testing Vacuum Circuits
bullet Removal, Servicing, Installation of Heating Water Pump
bullet Accessing Regulating Valve, Temperature Switch & Control Unit
bullet Removal and Installation of Temperature Sensor and ETR Switch
bullet Servicing Switch Over Valves and Vacuum Elements
bullet Servicing Vacuum Switch, Amplifier, Double Contact Relay
bullet Servicing Water Pump Switch, Blower Pre-Resistors, Vacuum Lines
bullet Automatic Climate Control III
bullet Models 1982 - 1986
bullet System Automatic Climate Control Operation
bullet System Testing
bullet Vacuum Function Diagrams
bullet Testing Vacuum Circuits
bullet Servicing Monovalve, Control Unit, Temperature Sensor
bullet Servicing Switch Over Valves, Vacuum Elements
bullet Servicing Temperature Control Electronic Switching Unit
bullet Servicing Blower Control Switching Unit, and Temperature Switch
bullet Supplements
bullet As Of Model Year 1984
bullet As Of Model Year 1986
bullet As Of Model Year 1987

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